Areas Overlooked When You are Decorating Your Home

When you have a plan for your beautiful home in kind, it is often divided into the way rooms are built. You will hear yourself say “I have an idea for the bedroom” or “This will look good in the living area”. However, there are some places no one really thinks of seriously when considering home décor options. Here are some areas that you may have missed and can make use of while making your home pretty.

  1. Entryways – The foyer in any home is often the first thing one sees while coming in. While it is always recommended to put your best foot forward, in case of the foyer, it is slightly different. You can allow some space for the person entering to breathe before they enter your grand abode. The entryway need not be stuffed with decorative items. You can add a coupe of accents or a lovely wall clock.
  2. Laundry rooms – One of the most neglected corners of the house is the laundry room. It barely receives any love and is normally used as a storage. What if you could make this simple room interesting too? Use the magic of attractive containers and floating shelves to spruce up this room. You can add some lovely art on the walls and also allow it to become more vibrant with other smaller additions.
  3. Stairs – Stairs are tricky and often difficult to decorate more than anything. There seems to be hardly any home décor option that fits the bill there. However, you can get creative with not just the walls but also the railing and the outside. If you are looking to make full-fledged use of the space, then you have shelves built along the walls of the staircase. You can hang paintings on the outside. If you are not in favor of decorating around the stairs themselves, then you can use the space in between and add pots and planters on the steps. Another great idea is to use the space of fountains, aquariums, and so on.
  4. Above the arches – Arches are an inspirational architectural bit of space that can truly transform an area. This space can be covered with amazing motifs and paintings. A wall sticker can work very well for this space. If you are a collector, you can get shelves built and display your collection here too. The wall with arches has a lot of potential and can be explored by mapping the amount of space available.
  5. On the doors – Most of us just forget the impact a door can have on the room. The colour of the door can dominate the room as it is the first thing you see when you enter the house. The long list of colours that elevate the mood of the room or set of tone are enough to choose from. If you are not looking for a colour change then you can definitely think of adding embellishments to the door. A funny sign, a wreath, photos, and many other things can be added to the door to keep it interesting.

While it is not necessary to decorate this space in the house, it can certainly make your house stand out. These smaller touches can go a long way in decorating the house and making it look good.